We also asked about your communication preferences. From the 2011 TSP Survey, the preference for the TSP website grew by 9 percentage points, while the preference for statements sent by mail dropped by 8 percentage points.

TSP Communication Preferences

The TSP ThriftLine allows participants to talk to a Participant Service Representative to get quick answers to questions about loans, contribution allocations, interfund transfers, designations of beneficiaries, and withdrawals. The 18% of respondents who had called the TSP ThriftLine in the past 12 months reported being Very Satisfied/Satisfied with the level of service.

Accessing TSP Account Information

Although the TSP ThriftLine has an automated response system that's available 24/7, we asked participants about the hours when they can speak to a live representative. While most responded that the current hours work, there was some interest in weekend hours.

TSP Website