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We also asked about your communication preferences. From the 2011 TSP Survey, the preference for the TSP website grew by 9 percentage points, while the preference for statements sent by mail dropped by 8 percentage points.

TSP Communication Preferences
TSP Communication Preferences
(Ranked in Top 3)
TSP Website 82%
Annual/quarterly statement via U.S. mail 71%
Telephone representative/ThriftLine 39%
TSP booklets and other printed materials 33%
Email 23%

The TSP ThriftLine allows participants to talk to a Participant Service Representative to get quick answers to questions about loans, contribution allocations, interfund transfers, designations of beneficiaries, and withdrawals. The 18% of respondents who had called the TSP ThriftLine in the past 12 months reported being Very Satisfied/Satisfied with the level of service.

Accessing TSP Account Information
TSP ThriftLine Satisfaction
(% of Very Satisfied/Satisfied)
Understanding of my needs and/or concerns 89%
Overall quality of service 88%
Ability to answer my questions or address my needs 87%

Although the TSP ThriftLine has an automated response system that's available 24/7, we asked participants about the hours when they can speak to a live representative. While most responded that the current hours work, there was some interest in weekend hours.

TSP Website
Do the TSP ThriftLine Hours of Operation Work for You?
(Available Monday–Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET)
These hours work well for me* 88%
I'd prefer to be able to call before 7:00 a.m. ET* <1%
I'd prefer to be able to call after 9:00 p.m. ET* 4%
I'd prefer to be able to call Saturday or Sunday* 8%
I don't expect to ever call 6%
*Figures do not include those who don't expect to ever call.