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Updated June 22, 2020.

You can check this page for up-to-date details about TSP operations and temporary changes we’re making to support you during this time. The information we’re providing here is current but subject to change as we receive additional guidance and information.

Plan news and reminders related to COVID-19

  • Submitting loan and withdrawal forms online

    You may now submit loan and withdrawal TSP forms online by logging in to My Account and uploading a PDF copy of the form. You’ll find an up-to-date list of forms we accept online when you log in to My Account and select Upload Form from the menu. That section provides detailed instructions on how to prepare your file for upload.

    You still have the option to mail or fax your completed form and supporting documentation to us. However, be sure to submit your form and documentation one time only. We will process the first submission we receive and cancel any subsequent forms of the same type.

    The list of forms you can submit online may change at any time, so be sure to check the list in My Account before you begin preparing your file.

  • CARES Act temporary loan and withdrawal options

    The CARES Act allows us to offer temporary loan and withdrawal options to TSP participants affected by COVID-19. The loan options are now available. Favorable tax treatment of withdrawals you’re currently eligible for are also in effect. The TSP CARES Act withdrawal option will be available by late July 2020. Both the loan and withdrawal options are available to you only if you can certify that you meet certain CARES Act criteria and TSP eligibility rules.

  • Payments you make to the TSP by check may take longer to process

    Because of public health precautions being taken at our processing facilities, payments made by check will most likely take longer to appear in your TSP account. These include payments to make up missed loan payments, submit additional loan payments, or to roll over payments from IRAs or other employer plans. We appreciate your patience.

  • Rollover Period Extended to July 15

    If you received any withdrawal between February 1 and May 15 that is eligible for rollover, then the IRS has extended your 60-day rollover deadline to July 15th. If you received an RMD (or an installment payment that included an RMD) between February 1 and May 15, then you can roll those amounts over—to an IRA or eligible employer plan or back into your TSP account—provided that you do so by July 15th. Use Form TSP‑60. You are eligible for this extended rollover period whether or not you have been affected by COVID-19.

  • Temporary waiver of notary requirement

    We will temporarily accept and process certain TSP withdrawal and loan forms without requiring notarized signatures in order to support participants in physical distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. All signatures must be handwritten and submitted as directed in the form instructions, but you may leave the notary section blank.

  • Temporary Changes to Required Minimum Distributions

    The COVID-19 pandemic caused a steep and sudden decline in the stock markets and put a severe strain on many household budgets. As authorized by the recently enacted CARES Act, we’re making temporary changes related to required minimum distributions.

    Learn more about temporary changes to RMDs.

  • Online transactions and secure messaging in My Account

    We strongly encourage you to take steps right now to make sure you have online access to My Account. After you log in securely, you can send questions and requests to TSP representatives through the Message Center, and you can perform many TSP transactions on your own.

    What you can do online
    in My Account

    How to get help online through
    our Secure Message Center

    • Add and validate your email address(es) or cell phone.
    • Access statements, documents, and correspondence.
    • Change your contribution allocation to determine how your money gets invested.
    • Rebalance your portfolio with interfund transfers.
    • Begin a loan or withdrawal request and make changes to installment payments. (In certain circumstances, you can complete your entire request online.)
    • View your account balance.
    1. Log in to My Account.
    2. From the menu, select Message Center
    3. Select the Messages tab.
    4. Select the Compose Message button.

      A TSP representative will reply to your message within 2 business days.

      When the response is available, you can log in to My Account and return to the Message Center to view it. You’ll also be able to submit a reply if you need additional help.
  • How to update your mailing address

    If you’re actively employed, you must notify your agency or service when your address changes.

    If you’re separated from federal or uniformed services, you can change your address online in My Account or call the ThriftLine and speak with a TSP representative.

  • USPS Temporarily Suspends Service to Several Countries

    Please be advised that the U.S. Postal Service has temporarily suspended mail delivery service to several countries. Mail addressed to these countries will be returned to sender. If the mailing address we have on file for you is in one of the countries listed, we won’t be able to send you mail. You can view your account statements and notices when you log in to My Account. If you have concerns about receiving other types of TSP mail in these countries, please call the ThriftLine and speak to a TSP representative