How to Print

To print out a PDF document from the TSP website, just click on Print as you would for any other document.

Troubleshooting Print Problems

Basic Troubleshooting

If you run into problems, try the following:

  1. Select the print options you want by opening File, then Print Setup (in Windows and UNIX) or Page Setup (in Macintosh); or
  2. Choose File, then Print. Acrobat Reader offers a Shrink to Fit print option that shrinks (and, if necessary, rotates) oversized pages to fit on the paper size currently loaded in your printer.

"Muddy" Images

If a PDF file was produced by Acrobat Distiller 3.0, it may contain custom halftone screens intended for high-resolution imagesetters. When sent to standard desktop PostScript printers, the custom halftone screens in the PDF file can produce "muddy" images.

To avoid this problem, choose the Use Printer's Halftone Screen option in the Print dialog box.

Other Troubleshooting Options

If you experience any problems printing a PDF file, the Adobe website suggests procedures for troubleshooting printing problems.

For information explaining how to implement the procedures, go to the Adobe Support Database at