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You should use the processes outlined below if you wish to access or correct records that the Agency maintains about you. The entity you contact will vary according to the type of record you wish to access or correct.

TSP Records

If you are a current Federal employee and wish to know whether you have a TSP account or have a question regarding your or your agency’s contributions or adjustments to contributions, contact your employing agency.

For all other inquiries regarding TSP records, you may choose from the methods listed below. The information you must include with your request and the information you are able to obtain will vary according to your status (e.g., TSP participant, spouse, former spouse or beneficiary) and the method you choose. The following information is available by phone and the TSP website: account balance; available loan amount; the status of a monthly withdrawal payment; the current status of a loan or withdrawal application; and an interfund transfer request.

What to doWhat to Include

Call the “ThriftLine”

You will be asked to provide identity verification information such as the participant’s account number and PIN.
Online Log into your account at www.tsp.gov You will need your account number/user ID and password.
Fax 1-866-817-5023

Participant: Your name, account number, date of birth, and signature

Spouse, former spouse or beneficiary: your name; your social security number; the case reference number if available; the name and account number or social security number of the participant; a statement of your relationship to the participant; your signature

Other third parties (such as other federal agencies authorized to obtain information from the participant’s account): participant’s name and social security number

Mail Thrift Savings Plan
P.O. Box 385021 Birmingham, AL 35238

Non-TSP Records

If you wish to know whether the Agency has non-TSP records about you, you may submit a written request to:

FOIA/Privacy Act Officer
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
77 K Street, NE., Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20002

Please include the name and type of records you are requesting; your full name and address; your Social Security number if you are an FRTIB employee; a brief description of the nature, time, place and circumstances of your association with FRTIB, and any other information you believe would help the Privacy Act Officer determine whether the system contains records about you. Please include the words “PRIVACY ACT REQUEST” on both the letter and the envelope.

Attorneys or other persons acting on behalf of an individual must provide signed authorization from that individual, such as a Power of Attorney, in order for the representative to act on their behalf.