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Awareness and Training

FRTIB requires all employees and contractors with access to PII to complete privacy training when first beginning work with the Agency and annually thereafter. FRTIB conducts its annual training through the Agency’s Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS). The training provides an overview of important statutory, regulatory, and other federal privacy requirements, including the Privacy Act and the E-Government Act of 2002. The Privacy Division has published Privacy Training Procedures detailing privacy training requirements along with relevant roles and responsibilities.

New Employee Orientation Training

Attorneys from FRTIB’s Privacy Division provide in-person privacy training to all new employees on their first day of beginning work with the Agency. New employee orientation sessions provide an overview about the importance of privacy at FRTIB, how to handle privacy-protected information, and the penalties for violating the Privacy Act. This presentation also includes an overview of the importance of completing PTAs and PIAs for all FRTIB systems. Finally, the Privacy Division ensures all new employees are briefed on the importance of immediately reporting all potential and actual incidents involving PII to the IRT.

Enterprise Learning Management Training (ELMS)

FRTIB delivers privacy-specific courses, including annual training, through the Agency’s centralized training system, called ELMS. Employees and contractors have the ability to access content contained in the system.

Role-Based Training

In addition to new-hire and annual privacy training requirements, FRTIB’s Privacy Division provides role-based training to employees with specialized roles on a periodic basis, focusing on how employees in various FRTIB Offices should leverage the FIPPs as part of their official duties.