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Buying a house

If you’re planning to buy or build a new primary home, you might consider requesting a residential loan. But before you apply, be sure to read the TSP booklet, Loans. Keep in mind that a residential loan is not a mortgage, and your loan interest payments are not tax deductible as they might be for a mortgage or home equity loan. Furthermore, you cannot use a residential loan for refinancing or repaying an existing mortgage, for renovations or repairs, for buying out another person’s share in your current home, or for the purpose of land only.

Residential loan documentation

When you request a TSP residential loan, log in to My Account: TSP Loans to start the application process online, then print out and submit the Loan Agreement for processing along with any required documentation. Visit Applying for a loan for more information.

Documentation requirements

Documentation for all residential loans must

Special requirements

In addition to the requirements listed above, some types of primary residences require you to show further documentation.

Cooperative purchase

When buying a cooperative, you must show that you own shares in a cooperative housing corporation.

New home construction purchase

When you’re constructing a new primary home, you must show evidence that a complete home will be constructed, such as the following:

Mobile home or recreational vehicle purchase

When buying a mobile home or recreational vehicle as your primary home, you must provide all of the following:

Boat purchase

When buying a boat as your primary home, you must provide all of the following:

Changing your address

Once you’ve bought or built your new home, be sure that we have your new address on file.