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Temporary suspension of certain TSP transactions and services planned for May 16 until the first week of June — As you may know already, we’re adding new features and tools to your TSP experience. In order to prepare for the transition to this new TSP system, we’ll need to temporarily suspend certain transactions and services for a brief period beginning May 16 and ending the first week of June.

It’s important that you know how this transition may affect your account, especially if you’re planning to request a transaction soon. Suspension dates will vary by transaction and service, so be sure to check the full calendar and plan ahead.

Rest assured that during this transition period, your money will remain invested in the TSP funds you’ve chosen. There will be a short period—beginning at noon eastern time on Thursday, May 26, and ending the first week of June—when we’ll need to suspend changes to TSP investments. This means that your TSP investments will still be subject to market gains and losses during this brief period, and you won’t be able to make changes until after the transition to the new service provider.

Contributions and payments will continue:

  • Payroll contributions and loan payments will continue.
  • Installment payments scheduled to be paid May 24 – May 31 will be disbursed early on May 23.

In the meantime, you can find out more about the new TSP features and stay up to date on transition details on our website: