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Logging in to My Account with a user ID, password, and validated phone number — To log in securely to My Account, you need a user ID, password, and validated phone number to receive an authentication code. We’ve added new features to make this change as easy as possible for you.

Logging in with a user ID

Your user ID is an easier, more secure way to log in.

Because you create your own user ID, you can create one that is unique and easy for you to remember. As a new feature, you’ll be able to recover your user ID online if you do forget it. This means you’ll be able to regain access to My Account without having to wait for your TSP account number by mail.

Your user ID, like your password, is known only to you. For security purposes, TSP representatives on the ThriftLine don’t have access to this information, and no one from the TSP will ever ask you for this information. Protect your user ID to keep your account secure.

Identity verification with your phone number

You can validate any phone number that receives calls.

As a new feature, you’ll be able to receive validation and verification codes by automated phone call. That means that you can validate your phone number even if it doesn’t receive text messages.

If you validate a phone number that can receive both calls and texts, you’ll see a prompt to choose the delivery method each time you need a verification code.

When the delivery method is a phone call, you’ll receive an automated call that voices your code aloud.

Note: our system cannot validate phone numbers on the Defense Switched Network (DSN).

International phone numbers can still receive codes.

You may continue using your international phone number to receive verification codes. Our system generates codes by text message and makes automated phone calls to international phone numbers.

It’s important to include the correct country code for an international number. When you add a number in My Account, you can select a checkbox to indicate that it’s an international number. A new field will appear for you to enter the country code.

If you lose access to your validated phone number, we will help you.

If you lose access to your validated phone number, call the ThriftLine to speak to a TSP representative. After verifying your identity, the TSP representative will help you add and validate a new phone number.

Keep an email address on your account.

Please keep a personal email address in Profile Settings. For security reasons, we no longer send authentication codes by email, but we do email you certain transaction confirmations and educational outreach related to your account.

Managing your TSP savings outside of My Account

You have options if you can’t access your account online.

You can access your account information and perform certain transactions, such as interfund transfers, when you call the ThriftLine and use the automated response system. To access your account through the ThriftLine, you’ll need your TSP account number and Personal Identification Number (PIN).