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New TSP features


Last updated on April 19, 2022

We’re introducing exciting new features to make your TSP experience even better. You’ll have more flexibility in how you access My Account, more options to contact TSP representatives if you need help, and even more transactions you can complete smoothly and securely online.

Be sure to pay attention to TSP correspondence and visit this webpage for information you need to know:

Key transition dates

To ensure a smooth transition when adding new TSP features, we’ll need to temporarily suspend certain transactions and services. You need to know how this transition might affect you, especially if you were planning to request a transaction soon. See the full calendar of key dates and deadlines.

Expected transition dates
May 16 to the first week of June

All transactions temporarily unavailable
May 26 to the first week of June

Full access and transactions restored
First week of June

Contributions and payments will continue:

  • During the transition period, your TSP savings will remain invested in the TSP funds you’ve chosen.
  • Payroll contributions and loan payments will continue.
  • Installment payments scheduled to be paid May 24 – May 31 will be disbursed early on May 23.

Look forward to these new features coming in June

image Participant services when and how you want it

Coming in June. Get participant services on your terms. You’ll have access to a virtual assistant 24/7 to help you find answers and resources. And, when you’re logged in to My Account or the new TSP Mobile App, you can connect with a ThriftLine Representative during business hours using a new live-agent chat function. As always, you’ll still be able to reach us by phone.

image A new My Account interface designed with you in mind

Coming in June. The first thing you’ll notice when you log in is a fresh look to the new My Account interface. Your account summary will display your investments clearly, and the navigation menu will make it easy for you to find and use account management tools. You’ll find all the functions you’re used to—and several new ones—in a responsive, mobile-friendly environment.

image The official TSP Mobile App for on-the-go access

Coming in June. Monitor your TSP account and complete transactions from anywhere, anytime. With the TSP Mobile App, you’ll be able to do just about everything you can do when you sign in through the TSP website. Along with checking your account balance, tracking fund performance, and making transaction requests, you’ll be able to submit documents, manage payment information, scan checks, and more. You’ll even be able to log in with your device biometrics, such as your fingerprint or facial recognition, for an extra layer of security.

image Complete more transactions online

Coming in June. Save time and reduce paperwork using new online features in My Account. Complete forms, sign your name electronically, make loan payments, and do more with easy and secure processes.

image Personalized support for rolling over money to your TSP account

Coming in June. Rolling over money from an IRA or other eligible plan to your TSP account? Get support from specialized agents who will walk you through a simplified process.

image More ways to invest your money

Coming in June. In addition to the TSP funds you know and love, you’ll have more investment options. As long as your account meets certain eligibility requirements, you’ll have the option to invest some of your TSP savings in a mutual fund window for additional fees. Unless you make a change to your investment elections, your current TSP investment choices will remain the same for both future contributions and current allocations.

How to prepare for the transition

Most TSP participants won’t need to take any actions to prepare for the transition. Your money will remain invested in the TSP funds you’ve chosen. However, you will need to take some steps to set up a new login to the new My Account after the transition is complete in June. We’ll let you know what you need to do when the new My Account becomes available.

Depending on your situation, there are some steps you may want to take before the transition: