TSP-16, Exception to Spousal Requirements (1/2011)
TSP-U-16, Exception to Spousal Requirements (Uniformed Services version) (1/2011)
Request a waiver of the spouse signature requirements for loans and withdrawals.
2 pages | Last Printed TSP-16 1/2011 | Last Printed TSP-U-16 1/2011
Download TSP-16 PDF TSP-16, 240 KB
Download TSP-U-16 PDF TSP-U-16, 197 KB
TSP-20, Loan Application (4/2012)
Request a general purpose or residential TSP loan. Civilians and uniformed service members can use this form.
2 pages | Last Printed 4/2012
Download TSP-20 PDF TSP-20, 133 KB
TSP-26, Loan Payment Coupon (4/2012)
For use by participants who would like to make loan payments in addition to payments made through payroll deductions.
1 page | Local Reproduction
Download TSP-26 PDF TSP-26, 13 KB
TSP-41, Notification to TSP of Nonpay Status (8/2012)
Agency representatives should use this form to notify the TSP record keeper when a participant who has a TSP loan is placed in an approved nonpay status, or to notify the TSP record keeper when a participant who entered nonpay status returns to pay status.
2 pages | Local Reproduction
Download TSP-41 PDF TSP-41, 254 KB