TSP-1, Election Form (9/2015)
TSP-U-1, Election Form (Uniformed Services version) (1/2015)
Use this form to start, stop, or change the amount of your contributions to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Return the completed form to your personnel or benefits office.
2 pages | Last Printed TSP-1 9/2015 | Last Printed TSP-U-1 1/2015
Download TSP-1 PDF TSP-1, 67 KB
Download TSP-U-1 PDF TSP-U-1, 146 KB
TSP-1-C, Catch-Up Contribution Election (1/2015)
TSP-U-1-C, Catch-Up Contribution Election (Uniformed Services version) (1/2015)
For participants age 50 or older to start, stop, or change "catch-up" contributions to the TSP.
2 pages | Last Printed TSP-1-C 1/2015 | Last Printed TSP-U-1-C 1/2015
Download TSP-1-C PDF TSP-1-C, 149 KB
Download TSP-U-1-C PDF TSP-U-1-C, 86 KB