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Paycheck estimator

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Retirement system
Will you turn age 50 or older this year?
  • Participants turning age 50 or older are eligible for catch-up contributions. We’ll take that into account when calculating how much you can contribute.

Deductions worksheet

Use this worksheet to calculate your payroll deductions. Your most recent paycheck stub will give you the most accurate amounts.

  • Only fill in the items that apply to you.
  • Do not include your current TSP contributions.

Your Federal income tax amount will automatically be calculated using the current IRS withholding table, so do not include that amount in your payroll deductions.

  • Pre-tax deductions
  • Other payroll deductions

DISCLAIMER: This calculator is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be used as an investment advisory tool or as a guarantee of a final account balance. Please note that the results shown at the end of this calculator assume that elected contributions are made for the entire year. Results do not take into account the following Internal Revenue Code (IRC) limits: elective deferral, section 415(c), and catch-up contribution. These limits, which may change every year, determine the maximum annual amount that you and/or your employing agency can contribute to the TSP on your behalf. You can view the current year’s limits on the TSP website under News and resources.