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Recordkeeping Service Acquisition (RKSA)

In November 2020, the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) awarded a new recordkeeping contract to Accenture Federal Services (AFS). Work under this contract—branded the Converge Program (or Converge)—will bring changes and improvements to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and our day-to-day operations to serve federal employees and fulfil our mission-essential duties. The contract has an 18–24-month transition period, during which the TSP will remain fully operational.

The Converge Program will modernize the Thrift Savings Plan to reimagine retirement services for the digital age and improve customer experiences for the 6.1 million federal employees currently participating in the TSP. This will be achieved through elements such as a mobile application, live chats, enhanced roll-in/rollover capabilities, and electronic signatures.

New functions will equip participants with more control over how they prepare for retirement through a modernized, digital experience. There will also be an emphasis on more self-service options to meet the needs of the TSP’s increasingly digital-savvy participants. TSP participants will have access to services via the channel of their choice—including phone, live chat, secure messaging, interactive voice response, website, mobile app, and mail. To allow for flexibility and convenience, participants will have the ability to start transactions in one channel and finish in another.

AFS will provide the TSP with a modern, flexible, and secure platform that will automate and streamline TSP manual processes while enabling continuous innovation and providing next-generation capabilities.

Guidance Regarding Agency Responsibilities:

Over the upcoming months, we will provide more detailed guidance and direction on specific actions required from each agency/service to prepare for go-live. In the meantime, TSP operations will continue as normal. Timelines for upcoming areas of guidance include:

  • FY Q3 2021: Guidance and specific actions agencies will need to take to review and approve Interconnection Security Agreements (ISA) required prior to the new recordkeeping solution going live.
  • FY Q4 2021: Guidance and specific actions agencies will need to take to properly connect with the new recordkeeping solution, including secure file transmission location changes and optional file layout changes to improve overall delivery.
  • FY Q4 2021-Q2 2022: Guidance and targeted actions for system previews and testing with agencies identified as early adopters.
  • FY Q2-Q3 2022: Training and related materials for all agencies on the new system to replace the TSP Data Submission Application (DSUB) system and targeted changes to
  • FY Q2-Q3 2022: Specific actions and related guidance for testing with all agencies not identified as early adopters.

This bulletin is the first of many communications about the new changes. We will provide future updates to answer questions and set expectations for each agency/service. Until then, questions concerning this bulletin should be directed to your Agency Technical Service’s Representative.

March 15, 2021
Questions concerning this bulletin should be directed to your Agency Technical Services representative.

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