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Revision of Form TSP-19, Transfer of Information Between Agencies

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (Agency) has revised Form TSP-19, Transfer of Information Between Agencies. The revision clarifies to agency payroll officers the need to provide the full loan account number on the form when applicable. This bulletin, dated April 18, 2019, will supersede TSP Bulletin 12-11 and all prior versions of the TSP-19 form. A copy of this form, which agencies must reproduce locally, can be downloaded from the TSP website. Instructions for completing Form TSP-19 are on the form.

I. Purpose of Form TSP-19

When FERS or CSRS employees transfer to FERS or CSRS positions in other federal agencies, or when these employees change payroll offices, their TSP participation must continue without interruption. In addition, if these employees have TSP loans, their loan repayments must continue.

Consequently, when an employee who is participating in the TSP transfers or changes payroll offices, the gaining payroll office must establish the employee’s account in its payroll system; submit an Employee Data Record (06) Record (EDR) to the TSP; and determine the employee’s contributions, including traditional and/or Roth catch up contributions; and report them to the TSP. In addition, if the employee has a TSP loan or loans, the gaining payroll office must continue to deduct and report loan payments.

To allow gaining payroll offices to take these actions, losing personnel offices must provide them with the relevant TSP information; Form TSP-19 was developed for this purpose. All data elements included on the Form TSP-19 MUST be provided to the gaining agency by the losing agency, regardless of how the agency provides the information from its electric payroll system. The losing agency must forward the form to the gaining agency’s human resources office. (e.g, as with the SF-75, Request for Preliminary Employment Data).

II. Verifying the Accuracy of Form TSP-19

The gaining personnel office should verify the enrollment information it obtained from the losing agency when it receives the employees OPF. If erroneous information was transferred, the gaining agency must take corrective action.

April 18, 2019
Questions concerning this bulletin should be directed to your Agency Technical Services representative.

Chapter 3, Eligibility

Chapter 6, Establishing and maintaining accounts


TSP Bulletin 12-11, Revision of Form TSP-19, Transfer of Information between Agencies May 7, 2012.