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TSP Seminars and Training Courses

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board’s (FRTIB’s) Office of Communications and Education offers a variety of virtual and on-site training seminars designed to educate your employees and/or service members on their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) benefits. In addition, we also offer several training courses for human resources, payroll, and financial education professionals who administer the TSP for their agencies or services.

Training for TSP Participants

Our TSP training specialists are available to provide on-site TSP seminars at your location for your employees and uniformed service members. There is no charge for training and accompanying materials, but host agencies and services are responsible for covering travel and per diem expenses. Requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, based on available training staff. To schedule an event, contact us at (202) 942-1450 or

We offer three standard courses for TSP participants, based on targeted audience(s):

TSP A to Z (4 hours)
This course covers every aspect of TSP participation, and would be beneficial for a mixed group covering every stage of professional life. Topics include the benefits of savings, traditional vs. Roth contributions, investments, loans, and post-separation withdrawals.

TSP for Early to Mid-Career Employees (2.5 hours)
This course focuses on what your early and mid-career employees and service members can do to take full advantage of the TSP. Participants will learn how TSP contributions work, the difference between traditional and Roth contributions, and how to manage their accounts throughout their careers.

TSP Pre-Separation Workshop: To Retirement and Beyond (2.5 hours)
This course is designed to give late-career employees and service members the tools they need to make smart decisions with their TSP savings as they prepare to retire. The agenda includes the TSP withdrawal options and death benefits, and provides several retirement scenarios to get attendees thinking about how to best turn their savings into income.

Virtual TSP Training
Our training team is also available to deliver the following briefings via webinar:

  • An Introduction to the TSP
  • TSP Contributions & Funds
  • TSP Loans and In-Service Withdrawals
  • TSP Post-Service Withdrawals

Hosting agencies and services must facilitate the set-up and broadcast of webinars.

TSP Training for Agency and Service TSP Representatives

The FRTIB offers four TSP courses for Human Resources and Payroll professionals at our headquarters in Washington, DC. The course descriptions are provided below. To see upcoming training dates and register for a class, visit our Training Information page.

TSP 101: The TSP for Agency and Service Representatives (2-day class)
This introductory course has been designed primarily for human resources staff members who administer all or part of the TSP program. The course touches on all facets of the TSP including automatic enrollment, contribution rules and limits, traditional vs. Roth contributions, how information is exchanged between the TSP and employing agencies, vesting, the TSP investment menu, court orders, loans, withdrawals, and death benefits. The course is equally beneficial for professional and support staff. Payroll staff may also find the course instructive since it discusses TSP activities that require coordination between personnel and payroll operations.

TSP 201: Advanced TSP Topics (1-day class)
Knowledge of the basic rules for TSP eligibility and participation are prerequisites for this course. This course is for agency and service benefits officers who are responsible for developing financial education plans and providing retirement financial education to their employees. Students will learn how to answer frequently asked questions about the TSP, bust some of the common TSP myths and misconceptions, research questions from the FRTIB case files, and provide empowering insights that will help your employees and service members manage their accounts wisely.

TSP for the Uniformed Services (1-day class)
This course is primarily for individuals providing personal financial counseling and/or financial education in military environments. It provides a fairly comprehensive overview of the Thrift Savings Plan with special emphasis on issues most relevant to military financial educators. It may also provide a basis for financial educators to build on their own TSP curriculum. While this course does not delve into the technical aspects of the plan, others who administer the TSP for uniformed services personnel in non-educational roles are still welcome to attend. Some of the topics covered include: TSP contribution rules and limits, traditional and Roth contributions, the TSP investment funds, loans, withdrawals, and death benefits. Students will learn the rules that govern roll-ins, roll-outs, and the early withdrawal penalty, and will discuss how participating in the TSP can benefit career military members as well as those who do not expect to earn a military retirement benefit.

TSP Payroll Operations and Error Correction (1-day class)
This course is primarily designed for payroll representatives who are responsible for the submission of contributions and employee data to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) recordkeeper. It might also benefit human resources professionals who want to learn how to better communicate with their payroll service provider. Students will learn how information flows between payroll service providers and the TSP recordkeeper and become familiar with the terminology, data records, and reports associated with various transactions. You will learn about common payroll submission errors and the processes available for correcting them, and be introduced to the unique error correction rules associated with USERRA and FERCCA corrections.