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Consolidation of Forms TSP-9, Change of Address for Separated Participant (Civilian), and TSP-U-9, Change of Address for Separated Participant (Uniformed Services)

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board has combined Form TSP-9, Change of Address for Separated Participant (Civilian), and Form TSP-U-9, Change of Address for Separated Participant (Uniformed Services), into a single form. This combined Form TSP-9, Change in Address for Separated Participant, will supersede all prior versions of the change of address forms.

This bulletin explains why the forms were consolidated and provides instructions for completing and submitting the new form.

  1. Purpose of Form TSP-9

    Once a participant has separated from Federal service or the uniformed services, he or she must contact the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) directly to change his or her address. Forms TSP-9 and TSP-U-9 were used for this purpose. Because there were few content differences between the forms, the TSP has decided to combine the uniformed services and civilian versions. This consolidation will allow participants to more efficiently change their address information.

  2. Completing Form TSP-9

    1. Section I (New Information About You) should be completed by a separated participant to verify his or her name, account number, and date of birth. Participants must select whether or not the change applies to their civilian and/or uniformed services account(s) by using the check boxes provided.

      All fields must be completed to avoid a delay in processing or the rejection of the form.

    2. Section II (Your New Address) must be completed with the participant’s most current address.
      1. Item 5

        This box must be checked if the address provided is a foreign address. If a participant uses a foreign address, he or she should refer to specific instructions on the back of the form. An example of a correctly completed foreign address is provided on the back of the form.

      2. Item 7

        If a foreign address is provided, the country name should be unabbreviated and entered in this field.

    3. Section III (Your Signature and Certification)

      The participant must sign the form and certify that the information provided is true to the best of his or her knowledge. If the form is not signed, it will be rejected by the TSP record keeping system.

  3. Submitting Form TSP-9 for Processing

    Once Form TSP-9 has been completed, it should either be mailed or faxed directly to the TSP address or fax number on the form.

    Questions or concerns regarding the form should be directed to the ThriftLine at one of the following telephone numbers:

    Phone: 1-877-968-3778
    TDD: 1-877-847-4385
    Outside of the U.S. and Canada: 404-233-4400

  4. Agency/Service Responsibilities

    1. Separated Participants

      The TSP will process this form if the participant’s account indicates that he or she is separated from service. If the agency or service payroll office has not submitted the participant’s separation information on the Employee Data (06) Record, the TSP will not process the address change request submitted by the participant.

    2. Active Participants

      Active participants must submit their address change requests through their agency or service. Upon receipt of the address change, the agency or service payroll office must transmit the new address on the Employee Data (06) Record.

March 02, 2009
Questions concerning this bulletin should be directed to your Agency Technical Services representative.

Chapter 9, Withdrawals


TSP Bulletin 02-31, Change of Address for Separated Participant, dated August 1, 2002, and TSP Bulletin 03-U-11, TSP Materials for the New Record Keeping System, dated June 18, 2003.