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  • Starting in January 2021, we’re making the process easier for participants. If you’re turning 50 or older and are eligible for catch-up, you’ll no longer need to make separate catch-up elections to your TSP account. To learn how to make these contributions next year, visit Catch-up contributions.

Troubleshoot login errors

Easier login and more security for
My Account this fall

You may notice some changes to your My Account login in late October 2020. As a stronger layer of security against fraud, all TSP participants will need to log in with a user ID and use a phone number for two-step authentication and other online requests.

If you already created a user ID and validated a personal phone number in My Account, you won’t need to make any changes. Otherwise, you’ll see prompts for the steps you need to take when you log in to My Account.

Troubleshooting your login

Helpful terms to know

Logging in with two-step authentication

Validating your contact information

Other reasons you may have trouble logging in

Two-step authentication and validating contact information

Two-step authentication helps prevent fraud.

All TSP participants must use two-step authentication to log into My Account. Two-step authentication helps you protect your account against fraud by prompting you for a one-time verification code each time you log in. This login process is more secure because it means that online access to your account requires something you know (your account number or username and password) and something you have (a one-time verification code you receive in your email or on your phone). Someone who tries to log into your account fraudulently won’t be able to gain access without the code.

Set up two-step authentication by validating your contact information.

You must add and validate at least one email address or a phone number in order to use two-step authentication. You may add and validate up to two email addresses and one phone number to your TSP account.

You can manage your contact information in the “Profile Settings” area of My Account after you log in. If you log in and haven’t yet enabled two-step authentication, you will see a prompt to validate an email or phone number before you access your account.

If you already have contact information in your account, you will see a label underneath each email or phone number that reads “Validated” or “Not Validated.” Select the “Validate” link for the contact method you want to validate. We will send you a validation code by email or text message, depending on the contact method you select. Enter the validation code in the appropriate field in your browser to complete the validation process.

Tips for using two-step authentication

Validate at least one contact method that will stay with you through career transitions, such as a personal email or personal phone number.

If you need to log into your email to retrieve the validation code, open a new tab or window to do so.

You must be logged into My Account in order to enter the validation code. You have one hour to use the validation code, but My Account will automatically log you out after ten minutes of inactivity. If you do need to navigate away from My Account or get logged out before you complete the validation process, you can use the link you receive with the validation code to log in again and complete the validation process.

Consider validating two email addresses and a phone number.

When you log into My Account, you will see a prompt to choose the contact method you want to use to receive your login verification code. By validating multiple contact methods, you have more flexibility in how to access your account.

Make sure your contact method is secure.

Your account is only as secure as your login credentials. Make sure you enable any additional security features, such as two-step authentication and passcodes, on your email accounts and devices.