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Troubleshoot account access

3 most common TSP account problems and solutions

1. I don’t know my account access information.

You need your user ID and password to log in to My Account.

You need your TSP account number and personal identification number (PIN) to access your account information and perform certain transactions on the ThriftLine.

2. I didn’t receive my one-time code, or the code I received isn’t working.

If your one-time code doesn’t arrive until after the expiration period, you won’t be able to use the code and will need to begin your request again to receive a new code.

Make sure you’re using the code from your most recent request, whether you received it by text message or phone call. Only the most recent one-time code you request will work for each type of request you make, such as when logging in to My Account or recovering your user ID.

If you aren’t sure which code is the most recent, or your code has expired, you can try your request again to receive a new code.

3. I don’t have a phone number that I can validate, or I can’t access my validated phone number.

If you don’t have access to phone service, you might consider using an online service that allows you to receive text messages and phone calls through an internet connection. These services use a technology called VoIP (voice over internet protocol). Most VoIP services require that you establish an account with them and will then issue you a phone number. You may add and validate a VoIP phone number on your TSP account and use it for verification purposes. Keep in mind that the TSP has not done a security assessment on these services and does not endorse any specific service. As with all your online accounts, make sure you enable any additional security features to further protect your TSP account.

If you lose access to your validated phone number, call the ThriftLine to speak to a TSP representative. After verifying your identity, the TSP representative will help you add and validate a new phone number.

You can validate any phone number that receives calls. When you choose to receive a one-time code by phone call, you’ll receive an automated call that voices your code aloud. Note: our system cannot validate phone numbers on the Defense Switched Network (DSN).

If you have an international phone number, you can validate it by text message or phone call. It’s important to include the correct country code for your international number. When you add your phone number in My Account, select the checkbox to indicate that this is an international phone number. A new field will appear to allow you to input the country code.

If you are unable or unwilling to provide your phone number, you may be unable to log in to My Account because you will be unable to complete two-step authentication.

You have options if you can’t access your account online. You can access your account information and perform certain transactions, such as interfund transfers, when you call the ThriftLine and use the automated response system. To access your account through the ThriftLine, you’ll need your TSP account number and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Other reasons you may have trouble logging in