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Validate your contact information

Depending on your account type, you must validate a phone number or email address (for uniformed services accounts) and use two-step authentication to access your TSP account.

If you lose access to your validated contact methods, call the ThriftLine to speak to a TSP representative. After verifying your identity, the TSP representative will help you add and validate your new contact information.

You can validate any phone number that receives calls. When you choose to receive a one-time code by phone call, you’ll receive an automated call that voices your code aloud. Note: Our system cannot validate phone numbers on the Defense Switched Network (DSN).

If you have an international phone number, you can validate it by text message or phone call. It’s important to include the correct country code for your international number. When you add your phone number in My Account, select the checkbox to indicate that this is an international phone number. A new field will appear to allow you to input the country code.

If you are unable or unwilling to provide your phone number, you may be unable to log in to My Account because you will be unable to complete two-step authentication.

You have options if you can’t access your account online. You can access your account information and perform certain transactions, such as interfund transfers, when you call the ThriftLine and use the automated response system. To access your account through the ThriftLine, you’ll need your TSP account number and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Be cautious with software and mobile applications

Providing your TSP account credentials to third-party software or applications may jeopardize your account security. Learn more about how to protect your TSP account.