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Receive one-time security codes

As an extra layer of security on your TSP account, we send a one-time code to your phone number or email (for uniformed services accounts) each time we need to verify your identity or validate a contact method.

Tips for receiving and using one-time codes

If the method you’ve selected to receive your one-time code isn’t working, try a different method. For example, if you’re unable to receive a text message, try requesting a phone call to receive a voiced code instead.

If your one-time code doesn’t arrive until after the expiration period, you won’t be able to use the code and will need to receive a new code. Depending on your transaction, you may see a link on the code entry webpage to “Receive new code,” or you may need to begin your request again.

When using your phone, make sure you’re in a good service area. Phone carrier network disruptions and a poor cellular connection are the most common reasons that a text message or phone call arrives late. If you continue to have trouble receiving codes, contact your carrier about any delivery issues. You may need to enable the ability to receive short code messages.

When using email (for uniformed services accounts), first check your junk or spam folder. If you still can’t find the email, contact your email administrator or email service provider to find out about any delivery issues. Sometimes setting up automatic email forwarding from one address to another can cause delivery delays.

Make sure you’re using the code from your most recent request, whether you received it by text message, phone call, or email (for uniformed services accounts). Only the most recent one-time code will work for each type of request you make, such as when logging in to My Account or recovering your user ID.

If you aren’t sure which code is the most recent, or your code has expired, you’ll need to request a new code. 

Be cautious with software and mobile applications

Providing your TSP account credentials to third-party software or applications may jeopardize your account security. Learn more about how to protect your TSP account.