Time is your biggest ally when it comes to the growth of your TSP account, so starting early and saving consistently can make a tremendous difference. The amount you save is also important.

The chart below illustrates how saving more as early as you can could really add up over time.* You can also check out our “How Much Will My Savings Grow?” calculator in the Planning & Tools section to estimate account growth based on your individual situation.

See how your savings might grow if you start saving 3%, 5%, or 10% of your salary at different ages.

*All figures include matching and assume a $42,399 yearly salary, an investment return of 6% per year compounded monthly, and a retirement age of 65. Results are representative and reflect those of a FERS employee. Results were calculated using the “How Much Will My Savings Grow?” calculator. The same assumptions may yield different results if another method of calculation is used.