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  • TSP-70, Request for Full Withdrawal

Spouses' Rights

If you are a married TSP participant (even if you are separated from your spouse), spouses' rights apply to annuity purchases.

If you are a married FERS or uniformed services participant with a total TSP account balance of more than $3,500 and you are making a full withdrawal of your account, your spouse is entitled by law to an annuity with a 50% survivor benefit, level payments, and no cash refund. If you choose any other withdrawal option or combination of options whereby your entire account balance is not used to purchase this particular type of annuity, your spouse must sign the statement on your withdrawal form that waives his or her right to that annuity. Your spouse's signature must be notarized.

For more information, visit Spouses' Rights.

Rehired Employees

If you are rehired by the Federal Government after having separated from Federal civilian employment or the uniformed services, any TSP annuity payments that you may already be receiving will continue.