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  • TSP-60, Request for a Transfer Into the TSP
  • TSP-60-R, Request for a Roth Transfer Into the TSP
Already separated from Federal service?
Even if you've started to withdraw your TSP account in monthly payments, you can still move money from your other eligible plans into your TSP account.
Transferring Roth Money from a Roth Eligible Employer Plan to Your TSP Account?
Be sure to use Form TSP-60-R and read the instructions carefully so that you understand which plan's date will be used to determine your first Roth contribution.

Whether you are a current Federal employee or member of the uniformed services, or you've already separated, you can move money from other eligible plans to your TSP account.

Eligibility Requirements

The TSP requires that:

  • You have an existing TSP account. You cannot open a TSP account by transferring money into it.
  • The money that you intend to move is considered an "eligible rollover distribution" for Federal income tax purposes. You can verify this by checking with the administrator of the plan or IRA from which you are moving the money. You can also consult a tax advisor.

The TSP will accept into the traditional balance of your TSP account:

  • both transfers and rollovers of tax-deferred money from traditional IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, and eligible employer plans.

The TSP will accept into the Roth balance of your TSP account:

  • only transfers (i.e., direct rollovers) of qualified and non-qualified Roth distributions from Roth 401(k)s, Roth 403(b)s, and Roth 457(b)s. If you don't already have a Roth balance in your existing TSP account, the transfer will create one.
The TSP will not accept Roth rollovers that have already been paid to you and it will not accept transfers or rollovers from Roth IRAs.