To request a withdrawal, complete Form TSP-90, Withdrawal Request for Beneficiary Participants. You would have received a copy of this form with your welcome letter, but you can also find it on the TSP website under Forms & Publications. Be sure to read the instructions carefully to ensure that you make an informed decision and provide all of the necessary information so that the TSP can process your request.

If you're considering monthly payments or an annuity, you should compare these benefits to see which one best suits your situation. You can get help by using the Monthly Payment Calculator and the Retirement Income Calculator.

Receiving Your Withdrawal

You should allow at least several weeks from the time you submit your completed withdrawal request until the time that payment is sent. The TSP will notify you in writing when your payment has been disbursed. You can check the website or call the ThriftLine to find out the status of your request. Your withdrawal will take longer if you submit forms that are not completed properly.

Be advised that while your withdrawal request is being processed, the money you have invested in any of the TSP's stock or bond funds is subject to fluctuation due to changes in market prices and interest rates. If you want to completely eliminate your exposure to risk of loss, you can request an interfund transfer to invest your account in the Government Securities Investment (G) Fund.