U = Uniformed Services
  • TSP-9, Change in Address for Separated Participant
  • TSP-15, Change in Name for Separated Participant
  • TSP-16 (TSP-U-16), Exception to Spousal Requirements
  • TSP-3, Designation of Beneficiary

Name and Mailing Address Change

Make sure to inform the TSP if your name or mailing address changes.

If you are actively employed, ask your agency or service to change your name or mailing address for your TSP account.

If you are separated from Federal civilian service or the uniformed services:

  • Change your mailing address by submitting Form TSP-9, Change in Address for Separated Participants.
  • Change your name by submitting Form TSP-15, Change in Name for Separated Participants.

You can also make these changes online by visiting My Account: Profile Settings.

Spouse's Rights

Your spouse has certain rights regarding your TSP account.

Any time you request a loan or withdrawal from your TSP account:

  • Your spouse must consent to your request in writing, if you are a FERS employee or member of the uniformed services.
  • Your spouse must be notified of your request, if you are a CSRS employee.

If, at any time, you are unable to obtain your spouse's consent or provide your spouse's address for notification, you may be able to obtain an exception by submitting Form TSP-16, Exception to Spousal Requirements (TSP-U-16, uniformed services). (You must provide documentation. These exceptions are rarely granted.)

Beneficiary Designations

Review your beneficiary designations to make sure that your TSP account will be awarded according to your wishes in the event of your death.

If you submit Form TSP-3, Designation of Beneficiary, the TSP will honor only beneficiaries named on that form.

If no Designation of Beneficiary form has been submitted, your account will be distributed according to the statutory order of precedence - that is, first to your spouse.

The TSP will not honor a will or prenuptial agreement when distributing your TSP account.