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U = Uniformed Services

Your transition from one agency to another should be seamless. Make sure your TSP contributions resume with your first full pay period in your new agency.

When You Begin Work

When you begin work at your new agency, immediately tell your personnel or payroll specialist:

  • You are contributing to the TSP.
  • The amount or percentage of your basic pay that you want deducted each pay period. You can get this information from your leave and earnings statement if you are unsure.

When You Receive Your First Pay

When you receive your first pay in your new agency:

  • Check your leave and earnings statement to verify that your TSP contributions have been deducted at the rate you elected.
  • Follow up with your agency or service immediately if your contributions have not started or the amount is incorrect.

If you are a FERS employee or a BRS member eligible for matching, you will not get Agency/Service Matching Contributions until your own contributions begin, so follow up to make sure that any missed Agency/Service Matching Contributions are restored to your account.

You may also have to submit Form TSP-1, Election Form (TSP-U-1, uniformed services), or use your agency's or service's electronic version of the form to set up the contribution amount you want.

Continue to check your leave and earnings statements until you are sure that the correct contributions are being deducted and that you are receiving Agency/Service Automatic (1%) and Matching Contributions (if you are FERS or BRS).