Does nonpay status apply to you?
This section does not apply to you if you are in nonpay status performing an assignment with a state or local government agency under provisions of the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) or serving as a full-time employee of a union. See your Personnel or Benefits Office about details of your TSP participation.

Many aspects of your TSP participation will not change when you are in nonpay status. However, some privileges will be suspended until you are in pay status.

What Stays the Same?

Interfund Transfers

You can continue to manage your TSP account with interfund transfers. You can also make contribution allocation changes that will take effect when you are once again in pay status, or when you make future loan payments to your account.

Transfers and Rollovers into the TSP

You can transfer or roll over funds into your TSP account from traditional IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, and eligible employer plans.

In-Service Withdrawals

You can request a financial hardship or age-based in-service withdrawal, if you are eligible.

What Changes?

All Employee Accounts

While you are in nonpay status:

  • You will not be able to contribute to the TSP because your employee contributions must be made through payroll deductions.
  • You are not eligible to request a new TSP loan.

Uniformed Services Accounts

If you are a civilian employee in nonpay status to perform military service, you may make contributions to your uniformed services account from your uniformed services pay.

You will not receive Agency Contributions in your uniformed services account, but when you return to civilian pay status, you may be entitled to make up TSP contributions to your civilian account (and receive restored Agency Contributions, if you are a FERS employee).*

For more information, read the fact sheet TSP Benefits That Apply to Members of the Military Who Return to Federal Civilian Service.

FERS Employee Accounts

If you are a FERS employee:

  • You will not receive Agency Matching Contributions (which are based on your employee contributions).
  • You will not receive Agency Automatic (1%) Contributions, which are calculated on basic pay earned each pay period.
* If you are a BRS participant, you will receive Service Automatic (1%) Contributions and, if eligible, Service Matching Contributions. Your reclaimed agency contributions to your civilian account will be reduced accordingly.