The F, C, S, and I Funds are intended to track the performance of their respective indexes. The returns of the TSP funds may, from time to time, differ from the index returns. Also, some of the money in the F, C, S, and I Funds is temporarily invested in the G Fund and earns the G Fund return.

TSP fund share prices are calculated daily. The prices reflect returns on investments, accrued administrative expenses, and trading costs. Net rates of return are calculated monthly. For more information on how share prices are determined, visit Share Price Calculation.

The daily share prices as well as monthly, year-to-date, 12-month, and historical rates of return are available on this website and on the ThriftLine.

Fund return information can also be found in the TSP Fact Sheet TSP Funds Monthly Returns that the Board publishes every month. In addition, the TSP's quarterly newsletter, Highlights, published in January, May, July and October, shows the recent monthly performance of the TSP Funds and provides a 10-year history of the funds.