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L Income
Who Should Invest

For participants who are currently withdrawing their TSP accounts in monthly payments or who plan to begin withdrawing before 2020.


To achieve a low level of growth with a high emphasis on preservation of assets.

Asset Allocations:

The Fund's allocation in the G, F, C, S, and I Funds will adjust quarterly until July 2028. To see how this works, use the slide bar below the pie chart. After July 2028, the L Income Fund will not change. However, like the other funds, it will rebalance daily to maintain its target investment mix.

Monthly Returns (Last 12 Months)
Monthly Returns (Last 12 Months)
Annual Returns
Annual Returns
Average Annual Returns (As of December 2018)
  L Income Fund*
Since August 1, 20053.89% 
*After expenses
Growth of $100 since Inception
Growth of $100 since Inception